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Commercial eSpeaking | 30 Jan 2018

Flurry of employment law changes ahead

We outline the upcoming changes, announced on 25 January...

Commercial eSpeaking | 30 Jan 2018

Great, you've found a business to buy

Looking to purchase a business? We can help!

Commercial eSpeaking | 30 Jan 2018

Business Briefs

Website privacy, amendments to cartel laws, health and safety fines, multinational tax legislation...

Commercial eSpeaking | 13 Sep 2017

Recovering undisputed debts

Often creditors are left wondering what happens if a debtor doesn't pay an undisputed debt.  Find out how the court can assist you in recovering an undisputed civil debt...>

Commercial eSpeaking | 13 Sep 2017

Business briefs

Employment (Pay Equity and Equal Pay) Bill - What could this mean for your business and employees? / Contract and Commercial Law Act 2017 now in force - Make sure your business documents comply / Security Cameras - When does surveillance become an invasion of privacy? >

Commercial eSpeaking | 15 Jun 2017

Budget 2017 overview

The pundits were right. The Minister of Finance, the Hon Steven Joyce, presented his first Budget on Thursday 25 May and it was definitely a ‘steady as she goes affair’ with few surprises. >

Commercial eSpeaking | 15 Jun 2017

Business briefs

It will all come out in the wash: non-compliance with minimum employment standards; Further Takeovers Code relief on the way for small companies; and Employee share schemes, your time is up. >

Commercial eSpeaking | 15 Jun 2017

Shareholders’ agreements

Not all relationships were built to last forever, and even the most stable relationship amongst shareholders may waver. Issues may also arise unexpectedly, such as the death of a shareholder or... >

Commercial eSpeaking | 20 Feb 2017

Business briefs

OIO changes to streamline the investing and consenting processes; and Limited partnerships become popular. >

Commercial eSpeaking | 19 Feb 2017

Lender credit responsibility

Changes to the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 brings greater focus on lender responsibility. >

Commercial eSpeaking | 18 Feb 2017

Kaikoura earthquake

The Kaikoura earthquake was another reminder of the volatile and unpredictable nature of our land. We set out some guidance on points if you own, or are a tenant in, a commercial building potentially affected by earthquake damage. >

Commercial eSpeaking | 03 Oct 2016

Business briefs

Alert: Put a start date on your employment contracts; Employee share scheme tax update; An unsettling agreement; and When does a director ‘live in New Zealand’? >

Commercial eSpeaking | 01 Oct 2016

Director duties

The Court of Appeal recently revisited the all-important question of how far must directors go to ‘take all reasonable and proper steps’ when making decisions on behalf of a company. How far is far enough? >

Commercial eSpeaking | 01 Sep 2016

Changes to construction law

The Construction Contracts Act 2002 (CCA) sets out a number of duties and obligations on both those commissioning building work, and those undertaking it. >

Candice Murphy | 02 Sep 2015

Redundancy and restructuring - update

Employers need to take care when proposing to make employees redundant. The recent Court of Appeal decision in Grace Team Accounting v Brake has confirmed a growing body of cases with the courts putting restructuring and redundancy decisions under increased scrutiny. >